Your Voice in Fleet Course

In the UK, a fear of public speaking is beaten only by a phobia of spiders.

Whilst we can’t help you with the spiders, this programme will enable you to speak up with confidence & clarity, so you can share your knowledge, ideas & experience.

While you may not have a full-on phobia of public speaking, many people find it incredibly hard to do. It can be debilitating and career limiting, especially as presenting has become an intrinsic part of working life – be it to one person, in a team meeting, at a board meeting, hosting a conference or participating in the virtual world.

What more could you achieve in your career if you were more confident in meetings and presentations? Do you want to increase your share of voice in the fleet industry?

Join us in a warm, engaging and inclusive learning environment where you can feel supported to explore your personal development in ways that work for you. We appreciate that stepping outside of your comfort zone takes courage and that experience is unique to each individual.

Course Content

CONFIDENCE – Understand what makes you confident, from your body language through to your communication style and utilising your capabilities.

COURAGE – Identify your limiting beliefs, change the view of your inner critic and limit the fears you may have.

CLARITY – Making sure the story you want to share or the message you want to convey is clear and easy to understand

CONTENT – Establish a repeatable structure that enables you to bring your own style and target your content for the audience.

Course outcomes

We want all fleet professionals to be able to have confidence, courage, and clarity to be able to speak publicly. This programme will share with you the toolkit that makes public speaking a skill that can be learnt, honed and repeated.

Find out more and book your place here – Accelerate – Your Voice in Fleet – 21st-22nd May 2024 – AFP (