Future Mobility Steering Group

Consists of member representatives from the rental, leasing and fleet sectors who have an interest in new technologies and innovations affecting operational effectiveness to keep businesses moving

Topics Include:

    • Define Mobility & M. Management
    • Travel & Fleet Policy Best Practice
    • Move to Usage, post COVID-19
    • Alt Transport
    • Public Transport
    • Mobility Budgets & Payments
    • MAAS
    • Micro Leasing/ Car Share & Clubs
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Urbanised Mobility
    • Taxation & Legislation required

Committee Members:

Paul Hollick (AFP)


James Pestell (AFP)

Vice Chairman

Peter Millchard (AFP)

Committee Member

Chris Joyce (AFP)

Committee Member

Wayne Warburton (Siemens)

Committee Member

David Oliver (Specsavers)

Committee Member

Mandi Nicol (Schnieder Electric)

Committee Member

Lorna McAtear (National Grid)

Committee Member

Andy Leeden (Astra Zenica)

Committee Member

Debbie Floyde (AFP/Bauer)

Committee Member

Joe Carierra (MSD)

Committee Member

Simon Gray (SSE)

Committee Member


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