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Fleetondemand is a leading business vehicle hire and mobility company powered by the most advanced technology platform in today’s market.

Our international supplier network offers 1,627,000 rental vehicles from 26,800 locations in 170 countries worldwide. This includes the UK’s largest network of over 600,000 vehicles from 2,200 branches to hire for one hour, one day, one week or one year.

Our enhanced vehicle rental management platform integrates various ground transportation services, including car and van hire, car sharing, car clubs, taxi booking, chauffeur services, trains and a whole suite of public transportation providers, allowing you to book vehicles worldwide.

Mobilleo is Fleetondemand’s marketing-leading MaaS desktop and smartphone application, available on Android and iOS devices, that consolidates all forms of travel into one single solution. It allows end users to find, book and pay for their entire business journey in seconds as one single door-to-door itinerary, saving time and money.

Using the app, travellers can search thousands of global travel providers for car hire, car clubs, taxis, buses, trains, trams, tube, flights, ferries, bike sharing, electric scooters, hotels, parking and more.

The technology can be configured to suit the different policies and mobility requirements of any organisation, which includes saving costs by consolidating travel booking and expenses, alternatives to company cars, cash allowance and grey fleet usage, enhancing employee benefit programmes, improving CSR policies, or driving total cost of mobility intelligence across the business.

Mobilleo is also helping public authorities to power ground- breaking MaaS projects that improve the way people travel around their cities and regions. The award-winning platform offers easier access to travel information, more reliable journey planning, in-app ticketing and a hassle-free payment system.

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