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Selsia Vehicle Accident Centres Ltd



Having accident damaged fleet cars, vans and trucks off the road can cost companies up to £400 per day in lost business opportunities and hires. The objective is to get vehicles safely and quickly repaired and get them back on the road where they belong.

Industry award winning Selsia centrally manages accident repairs for fleet operators using our 200 British Standard, vehicle manufacturer and insurer approved car, van and HGV accident repair centres. We specialise in quick turnaround, reduced accident repair costs and the elimination of the expense associated with managing accident repairs.

Our mission is to deliver standardised repair rates and agreed service levels across the UK and Ireland for fleets and management companies. We offer 24 hours, 7 days a week assistance, nationwide recovery services, repair deployments, guaranteed, high quality accident and end of lease repairs, windscreen repairs and replacement, ADAS calibration, mobile repairs to reduce downtime, estimate governance and engineering services, daily progress chasing, central invoicing and online repair management. Selsia focuses on reducing vehicle downtime, controlling repair costs and the elimination of fleet accident administration. Additionally, we can offer non-fault credit hire, intervention and ULR services which eliminates the need to reclaim accident related costs and improves cashflow.

HGV accident repair is a highly technical area and requires a team of dedicated, specialist HGV repairers who will focus on fast, comprehensive and safe repair services. Selsia Commercial Vehicles is the UK’s leading network service for centrally managed heavy goods and specialist bodied vehicle accident repairers, dedicated to keeping your commercial vehicle fleet on the road, looking good and earning you money. In addition to the above services, we offer truck and trailer repairs, specialist bodied vehicle repairs, refinishing, refurbishment and re-branding services, straightening and alignment services and re-cycled and green parts.

We operate this service using our CAPS connected cloud-based repair management portal, Selsia Central. The portal accepts initial incident notifications from our operators or our clients can put their own cases on the system, automatic repair deployments to the most suitable repairers, visibility of estimates and images, notification to your insurers, online authorisation and daily case notes so that you can plan for vehicles to come back into service. You have access to a wealth of management information, including average repair costs and key to key times.

The main reasons why fleets use Selsia include: many years of experience managing fleet vehicles across a range of different industry sectors, a central point of contact for a national accident management solution, no more hassle finding quality, reliable repairers and central invoicing which eliminates the need to open accounts with multiple repairers. We also reduce costly administration, reduce vehicle loss of use and offer free to use access to Selsia Central, our online repair management portal. Moreover, there is no charge for using our services as we are funded by our approved repairer network.

We’re delighted to be members of the Association of Fleet Professionals and we’re here to support its members in any way we can.

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Endeavour House, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire MK45 4HS