Debbie has been Group Fleet Manager at Bauer Media for the last 23 years adding ‘Risk’ to her Job title in 2008 with the addition of the group commercial insurance procurement and subsequent risk management to her portfolio.

It is a diverse fleet role that combines the management of the conventional company vehicles, plus outside broadcast trucks and street team cars on radio stations, together with press cars and motorbikes used daily by our journalists for testing and evaluation purposes.

Best practice is high on Debbie’s agenda and is a key requirement, since she works alongside the high profile teams from Fleet News, Parkers and AM.

Commencing initially in a part time capacity with 150 vehicles she embarked on a journey to centralise the fleet function which, when at its largest was upwards of 1000 vehicles managed by 4/5 employees.

Efficiencies were sought and accomplished as process and procedure were challenged, new supplier partners appointed and for the first time all business units achieved parity group wide.
Stringent supplier management and daily analysis of fleet data continues to deliver efficiencies and her belief in being ‘hands on’ coupled with passion for making a difference is well known throughout the business. The initiatives that she has introduced have been welcomed at all levels.
She added the facilities management of a 650 head site in Peterborough to her remit in Sept 2016 and there has never been a dull moment since.

Benefiting hugely from the networking experiences provided by ACFO over the years and the advice and support from peers, fellow fleet operators and suppliers and now very proud to be a Director of AFP and would like to use her knowledge and skills to further participate in taking the AFP forward.