EV Kerbside Charging

Adequate kerbside charging is vital to the corporate fleet sector being able to achieve its 2030 electrification objectives but many are hitting significant problems due to employees not having a home charging solution. This is especially the case for people who live in terraced streets or apartments.

Effective kerbside charging designs are now available from a variety of providers but they are currently fitted in very few places when they really need to be widely available on every street where drivers of EVs live.

The government has a programme in place where funds are made available for chargers to be installed but it depends on local authorities making a contribution, many of which are starved of finances.

The AFP Kerbside Charging Committee was set up in October 2021 to help push forward kerbside charging progress -working with fleets, charging providers and local authorities to ensure that charging is available in the places where it is needed.

Together with our partner, net-zero analytics consultancy Field Dynamics, we have created a new national map that shows – for the first time – where UK businesses need kerbside charging – close to the homes of company van drivers.

AFP Kerbside Charging (High Kerbside Need Map)

The map shows where drivers employed by AFP member companies need kerbside charging in order to adopt an electric vehicle (EV). The underlying database contains 75,000 records and the map and statistics are aggregated to local authority level.

Key findings include that nearly four out of 10 homes (38.7%) are without off-road space that would enable chargers to be fitted for an electric panel van. Overall, 65-70% of AFP van drivers need kerbside charging installed.

Partner Charlie Gilbert said: “We’ve created the data based on a driver having space for a typical electric van – in this, case, a Vauxhall Vivaro E – looking at 28 million homes in 408 lower level local authority areas. The map will show kerbside demand with statistics on overall fleet footprint, and the distribution of drivers who reside in higher and lower kerbside charging need areas.”

We’ll be updating the map on an ongoing basis and are looking for it to be used by as many interested parties as possible.

Get involved

We’re very keen for more fleets to add their data to make the map ever more complete, and we’d like to hear from businesses who would be able to contribute their van driver information. This is, of course, anonymised and handled in accordance with all relevant data regulations.

We are also looking for car data too.

If you would like to take part in the project, please download the template here, fill in the data and upload using the button beneath the form to the right. We simply require the post codes of your drivers’ home address and the category they fall under. Please ensure that you read the legend on the second tab and categorise each postcode accordingly.

All data provided will be anonymised by the AFP so as not to breach GDPR regulations, which the organisation believes should effectively make the process accessible to all.

By providing this data, you are consenting to it being available to all interested parties.

If you have any queries, please contact us via [email protected].

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