Call for Evidence – AER doesn’t cover EV Driver Business Mileage Costs

Date: 15th June 2022

In conjunction with the BVRLA, we have been lobbying government to review the AER.

HMRC cannot make any changes without better data and clear justification.  In order to review the current AER, they need case studies quantifying how the 5ppm is impacting real drivers.

This is where you come in!

We need to gather real world case studies of drivers who are out of pocket from the 5 ppm AER in as many diverse job roles, geographies, income demographics and car types as possible

Please can you send us evidence of where your drivers have been under reimbursed by the AER in the following format:

Case study format:

  • Industry: e.g. transport services
  • Job role: e.g. sales rep
  • Car (make, model, type [sedan or hatchback/SUV/van]): e.g Nissan, Leaf 30 kWh, hatchback
  • Car efficiency (miles per kWh): e.g. 4.1 miles per kWh
  • Location (county and rural/town/city): e.g. Yorkshire, town
  • Monthly business mileage: e.g. 800
  • Main reason for business mileage: e.g. visiting clients
  • Charging profile (home %, work %, public % [descriptor]): e.g. 20% home, 40% work and 40% public network [motorway]
  • Average charging cost (£ per kWh: home [tariff description], work and public): e.g. £0.21 home [fixed rate],  £0 work and £0.61 public
  • Total charging cost per month (£):
  • Total reimbursement per month (£):
  • Shortfall under current AER (£):
  • Additional comments: e.g. the current AER has made my EV unaffordable for me and I am trying to swap out of it.

Please send your examples to [email protected] and entitle your email AER evidence.  We require the information by the end of June 2022.

Many thanks for your help.

The AFP Board