Fleet World Customer Service Award Nominations

Below are the nominations for the FLEET WORLD Customer Service Award – sponsored by the AFP.

Read how the companies below have made a demonstrable difference to the way their products and services have moved the game forward for fleets, in putting customer service front and centre of their propositions

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JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions

The Origo quote to order platform and customer experience

Navigating fleet funding and management options, such as company cars, salary sacrifice, cash allowances, and employee car ownership schemes, can be complex. Providing access to these options requires not only education on the nuances of each scheme but also a simplified process whereby drivers can make informed decisions based on their individual circumstances. Looking at the complexities, it was clear to us that there was a gap in the market for a system that could enhance the customer journey and deliver an experience. And so, we developed Origo. Engaging with customers, key industry voices and investing over £700k (to date), our customers and drivers now only need one system to choose, order, track, and manage their vehicles irrespective of the different options available to them. This system was meticulously built, adapting regularly to business needs and the ever-evolving legislative landscape. Being able to self-serve, view scheme information and follow a start-to-end process in one place reduces: admin, money and time whilst creating efficiencies like a fully auditable process, including date and time stamping of driver acceptance of policy documents and key statements. Personalisation is central to allowing drivers to not only customise and compare several vehicles but to have full visibility of their costs. Using APIs, it presents real-time data for each user, including a third-party tax specialist's whole-life cost calculation that considers their business and private mileage, tax rates, grade, allowances, and vehicle preferences. All this, for various vehicles and schemes in one place, making the complex simple, and without using multiple archaic systems. Owned and built in-house, with a modular approach, system updates are made swiftly in line with customer needs. We're continuously developing the system, recently adding new schemes and value-added functions like; policy management, single sign-on, lead-time information, affordability checkers, and the ability for employees to order home chargers and EV charge cards.

How has it helped fleets?

Origo has been commended for its ease of use and we have won several contracts because it delivers a solution that makes engagement, implementation and the in-life management of their fleet/car benefit solution more attractive to drivers as well as their business stakeholders. We are migrating customers to the system and currently have; 6,730 users registered, over 30,000 quotations run, and 689 placed orders. Users are now making better informed, cost-saving decisions based on tailored in-life WLCs that consider mileage, charging and expected use. Paired with VLS's customer service, this technology provides a standout solution. There is still some indecision around the uptake of EVs and for employees `on the fence' being able to `crunch' the numbers for varying charging profiles/electricity rates is core to supporting employees through the decision process. Anecdotally several employees who set out to order an ICE or PHEV have ended up in EV having seen the full picture and cost-saving potential. Our customers, no matter their size, have access to the same industry-leading solutions, services, and technology, including salary sacrifice schemes, which historically had been reserved by the industry for larger organisations. Origo has played a significant role in helping us to achieve this ethos and make it possible to offer salary sacrifice schemes to SMEs as well as FTSE 100 companies. Origo has enabled customers to offer different product choices to their drivers, whilst still ensuring the vehicles and products are suitable for the driver's requirements. Delivering a unique solution to the vehicle leasing industry, Origo revolutionises how companies and drivers choose a vehicle lease, providing customers with options that are more informed and personalised to their needs.

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Europcar Mobility Group UK

Creating the smoothest journey for every driver is at the heart of the Europcar mobility service for its customers and in 2023 we made significant investment in taking that commitment further. The Europcar Assistance web tool was developed, trialled and rolled-out to our customers in what we believe is a unique approach to the ‘in rental’ customer experience, and a game changer for fleets. From what to do in the event of an incident to how to extend their rental period, Europcar Assistance uses technology matched with insight into the most frequent driver queries, to deliver 24/7 ‘in-rental’ support that can be accessed when it’s needed. Forensic analysis of customer calls over a 3-month period by external company, Automated Analytics, identified that a large proportion of driver queries could be resolved by easy access to online information. Inbound calls across 6 Europcar branches were monitored to identify the most common ‘in-rental’ contact trends. With this insight, Europcar Assistance was developed enabling the driver or fleet manager to better self-serve with access to key information to answer the most common queries and important telephone numbers with a click to call function. A driver or fleet manager can reach the right point of information first time, every time rather than have to wait for a telephone response. Users can report vehicle damage, tyre issues, glass damage, accidents, breakdowns and lost property. They can also extend the rental period, find out about features on their specific vehicle – including importantly electric vehicles - and arrange vehicle collection. The Assistance tool also provides a direct link to the Europcar Digital EV Guide which provides a direct link to the Zapmap charger locator. The customers that have more complex issues also win because the time of our front-line agents is released.

How has it helped fleets?

Europcar has invested in the technology to provide clarity around any additional costs that might be incurred during a rental. Connected vehicle data in 97% of our fleet allows us to have clarity on mileage. We can also address fines for the increasing number of congestion, clean air and low emission zones. An SMS alert system provides notification when a driver enters a congestion zone; SMS messaging also provides drivers with prompts to refuel their vehicle to avoid additional charges. Hand-held tech for vehicle delivery and collection used by our Delivery & Collection agents captures all the necessary vehicle information in one place as well as enabling customers to provide their electronic signature to accept the information collected. At the end of the rental the images are recalled and matched to the vehicle condition. Mileage burn rate and repeat fine reporting has been introduced for some van customers, providing visibility of potential unexpected costs rather than at the end of the rental when it is too late to take preventative action. Europcar works closely with our business customers to provide the mobility solution that meets their requirements, whether they need a vehicle for one hour, one week, three months or longer. Flexible rental solutions and a wide range of vehicle options, supported by our Delivery & Collection service to business and home addresses, mean organisations can manage their mobility requirements without having to make a long-term financial commitment to a lease or outright purchase.

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CLM Fleet Management

At CLM, customers are at the heart of everything we do. To enhance our customer service, we have recently strengthened our team by introducing a brand-new role - a Customer Experience Manager who is dedicated to improving the driver journey. They are responsible for overseeing our client services team, reviewing processes, and challenging the way we do things across the whole business to ensure we are always delivering the best experience to our valued customers and drivers. As part of our journey to transform the customer experience, we have recently implemented a case management system that facilitates seamless collaboration across our team. Our resolutions team can easily access information and communicate updates through a single interface. This has increased productivity resulting in faster and more efficient customer service. Additionally, the introduction of new software allows us to measure the happiness of our customers at every touch point of their journey with us through CLM. We also send out driver surveys at the point of vehicle order and delivery. This provides further feedback to the happiness rating that we get via our case management system. During 2023 we have also introduced strategic engagement workshops with our clients. The aim is to review and remap all processes between the client and CLM. By engaging with all stakeholders, we can ensure that every touch point is covered. By doing this we have identified process improvements and cost savings. Additionally, we have strengthened and developed working relationships with all functions that touch fleet in our client base.

How has it helped fleets?

By taking Customer Service beyond drivers and key stakeholders to all people across all functions that touch fleet, we now have a greater understanding of customer needs and can access valuable insights to enable us to make informed decisions to improve our customer service. Our customer service processes are now driven by data to ensure continuous improvement. Our customer satisfaction surveys provide valuable data for us to make informed decisions to improve our customer service and fleet services. On average, we have a 40% return rate on customer experience surveys. Additionally, our overall customer satisfaction rating has increased by 10% from 2022 to 2023. We currently sit at 80% customer satisfaction based on surveys received. Below is a recent testimonial from our customer, Trinity Claims: “Our decision to switch to CLM has been a transformative experience for our organisation. The financial savings, reduced downtime, and exceptional customer service have not only streamlined our fleet management but have also positively impacted our bottom line. We look forward to continuing our partnership with CLM and exploring even more opportunities for growth and improvement in the future.”

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Leasys vision is to shape the future of mobility by offering sustainable, innovative, and tailored solutions designed around its customers for a best-in-class experience, providing expert, dedicated consultation, and personal customer care. A UK FN50 top 10 company, with an initial managed fleet of 850,000 vehicles across eleven European countries, Leasys is ranked fourth on the European market and has established a strong reputation based on understand and responding to its customers’ needs. The Leasys Corporate Fleet Key Account Management strategy is designed to manage and nurture relationships with key accounts to maximise customer satisfaction, build stronger relationships, understand evolving needs and deliver tailored solutions. Understanding that corporate fleets have their own challenges that need a collaborative approach, Leasys provide them with personalised attention, timely support and customised solutions to address their specific needs..

How has it helped fleets?

Corporate fleets benefit from improved communication and cooperation, higher levels of customer service and responsiveness as well as enjoying dedicated, personalised support in areas such as invoicing, reporting, mileage, fines management and contract amendments. A live example of how this innovative approach has benefitted Leasys customers is below: Following the merger of Leasys and Free2move Lease in April 2023, it was imperative for both organisation's customers to understand what the merger and alignment of the two companies meant for them from an operational point of view but also, and more importantly, for them to be reassured that they would continue to receive the very best quality of customer care and service. Understandably customer enquiries increased dramatically during this time and, working long hours to ensure every customer was contacted and every query resolved, the Coventry and Slough-based key account teams worked efficiently and autonomously to ensure prompt, effective decision making in answering a wide range of enquiries. Post-merger and reflecting on achievements almost one year on, the Leasys key account team continue to inspire with their positive ‘can do’ attitudes, their willingness to learn and continuously improve and their passion for finding solutions to their customer’s needs. They are empowered to respond to queries without the need for constant approval or escalation and throughout 2023 continued to understand and achieve all service level objectives and goals.

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If our customers car starts to make a strange noise or if they have a general question regarding their vehicle they can call Autoserves 24hr helpline for advice. As a benefit for being with Autoserve, customers are provided with a 24 hr dedicated service which is manned by our own staff, who are ready to respond immediately to the customers needs. Our staff have many years of technical experience and are professionally qualified in their own field in order to maintain a high level of personal service. At the heart of the service is a sophisticated computer system, which draws on motor manufacturer information and technical trade databases which provides invaluable data on every make and model of vehicle on UK roads.

How has it helped fleets?

A 24-7 driver helpline provides crucial support and assistance to fleet operations, offering a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, safety, and overall performance. Firstly, immediate access to assistance ensures rapid resolution of issues that drivers may encounter on the road, minimizing downtime and preventing disruptions to delivery schedules. Whether it's a breakdown, mechanical issue, or navigational problem, drivers can receive prompt guidance and support to address the situation swiftly, keeping the fleet's operations running smoothly. Furthermore, a driver helpline serves as a lifeline in emergency situations, providing essential aid in critical moments such as accidents, medical emergencies, or security incidents. Drivers can receive guidance on proper protocols to follow, receive medical assistance if needed, and coordinate with emergency services effectively, safeguarding both their well-being and the fleet's assets. Moreover, the availability of round-the-clock support instills confidence in drivers, knowing that they have access to assistance whenever they need it. This fosters a sense of security and peace of mind, which can improve job satisfaction and retention rates among drivers, ultimately benefiting the fleet by reducing turnover and recruitment costs. Additionally, a driver helpline can offer valuable resources and information to drivers, such as route planning assistance, weather updates, and regulatory guidance. This enables drivers to make informed decisions while on the road, optimizing routes to minimize fuel consumption and travel time, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, thus enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, by centralizing communication and support services through a dedicated helpline, fleet managers can streamline operations and maintain better oversight of their assets. They can monitor incidents in real-time, track response times, and identify recurring issues or areas for improvement, enabling them to implement proactive measures to enhance overall fleet performance and mitigate risks. In conclusion, a 24-7 driver helpline plays a vital role in supporting fleet operations by providing immediate assistance, enhancing safety, boosting driver confidence, offering valuable resources, and facilitating better fleet management practices.

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Ogilvie Fleet

At Ogilvie Fleet, we believe we have truly innovated over the last 12 months with the creation of our dedicated driver liaison team to support drivers in the next steps of the company or salary sacrifice car journey. As a direct result of client feedback, the department was built to help drivers who are due to order a new vehicle, either for the first time or as a replacement, guiding them through the suitable options, tax implications and even likely turnaround time – thanks to our unique lead time generator tool. For many drivers, this may be their first foray into the world of plug-in vehicles with 67% of our current order bank being either fully electric or plug-in hybrid. The growing team is fully versed in all things EV, with weekly catch-ups to discuss new or updated vehicles that may be popular with our drivers. These team members are the go-to people for all things vehicle in the business – and their knowledge of both company car and salary sacrifice scheme is unmatched. Their aim is a simple one – to guide drivers who may be worried about making the switch to electric into ordering a vehicle that suits their needs. They are an independent department and are able to discuss the pros and cons of both salary sacrifice and company car schemes for those that have the option of both. Stopping short of financial advice, they are able to draw on their experience of assisting hundreds of drivers in similar situations to offer a vehicle solution that fits the drivers needs. The new team fits perfectly with one of Ogilvie’s core objects of providing excellent customer service. We are proud of this approach, and it is reflected in the regular customer service awards we receive. Above and beyond our award-winning systems, software and applications, which we know make a real difference to our customers businesses, Ogilvie has invested heavily in our people as well, and now expanded our Driver Liaison Team for the benefit of all our fleet customers. While many businesses are cutting back on staff levels and relying instead on AI and chatbot applications to deal with driver requests, Ogilvie has instead invested in our workforce, as we know that people like to talk to people.

How has it helped fleets?

Our feedback from customers was that their fleet managers are often bogged down by daily driver requests and queries, which hinders them from being truly effective in their roles. By creating and subsequently expanding our Driver Liaison Team, Ogilvie aimed to take much of this daily interaction off the hands of busy fleet managers and handle it ourselves through our team of expert driver liaison experts. This approach has paid off, and in the last 12 months alone, our Driver Liaison Team has helped more than 400 drivers order their new vehicles, assisting them at every step of the way and adhering to individual fleet policies as needed. This has relieved a huge burden from fleet managers, and alongside our full suite of fleet management software, has meant that our customers have been able to outsource a huge amount of their administrative tasks to us. By listening to the needs of our customers and applying the same customer-first approach to staffing as we do to our technology, at a time when many fleet suppliers are cutting staff numbers, Ogilvie has instead once again trodden its own path for the benefit of its customers.

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Enterprise Mobility – nominated by an AFP Fleet Operator Member

In the past year Enterprise mobility have been amazing in their support for our business, they have excelled in customer service going far above and beyond in exceeding our expectations. They have assisted us in demobilisation/remobilisation of operatives, providing vehicles at extremely short notice, provided technicians to site to remove telematic devices, (saving us money). They have invested in developing technology services, combined with a growing fleet of alternative fuel vehicles enabling us not only to have the fleet, but also connected mobility platforms to support our ever-changing needs. Their dedication to work with us, and their commitment to provide an excellent service should be commended.

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FHOSS – nominated by an AFP Fleet Operator Member

Andrew and FHOSS have been instrumental in helping Speedy achieve our vision of having a safe fleet of vehicles. They have designed industry leading products such as the FHOSS cycle lane, (which alerts cyclists in the dark of the danger of passing the vehicle on the inside and illuminates the ground to show the turning circle of the vehicle. FHOSS field (which alerts drivers of a potential collision of both human and (inanimate objects, which are Speedy’s main accident type bollards etc)). Also flashing highway maintenance boards that alert other vehicles in the dark, when our vehicle is stationary, doing work on motorways etc. FHOSS have a can-do attitude and are always willing to learn and assist in all thing’s safety. We have grown with FHOSS and have some of the industry leading safety features because of this relationship. I would highly recommend FHOSS to our other members of AFP without hesitation

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AM Auto Installations – nominated by an AFP Fleet Operator Member

The positive impact of AM Auto Installations on Speedy's efforts to reduce auto electrical faults in vehicles. The initiative to have a single company handle all auxiliary electrical installations with video evidence for reference is a smart and innovative approach. This not only helps in maintaining the integrity of the wiring work but also ensures accountability in case of any issues.

The collaborative effort between Speedy and AM Installations highlights a shared commitment to vehicle safety. The focus on developing, selecting, and inventing new ways to enhance safety features demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing challenges in the industry. The emphasis on continuous improvement and out-of-the-box thinking is crucial for staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of vehicle safety measures.

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The fact that AM Installations' contributions are aiding Speedy's growth, and the incorporation of industry-leading safety features is a testament to the effectiveness of the partnership. This collaboration serves as an excellent example of how working closely with safety-focused companies can lead to the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

In summary, the partnership between Speedy and AM Installations is a model for successful collaboration, innovation, and dedication to improving vehicle safety.

Marshall Leasing - Customer Service Advisory Team (CSA)

The CSA team in Marshall Leasing is a dedicated team of colleagues, servicing the requirements of fleet customers and drivers. Key tasks include vehicle quoting, ordering, managing the delivery process and multiple ad hoc tasks. The CSA team in many cases act as an outsourced fleet administration function for customers, working on a first name basis and offering two direct points of contact for every single customer. Industry knowledge and expertise have always been a critical part of the CSA team’s role, however never more so than today. The team find themselves constantly managing customer expectations with extended vehicle delivery lead times, price revisions and challenging product availability. This situation has put a great deal of pressure on the team, yet despite these challenges, customer retention remains one of Marshall Leasing’s most impressive attributes, which is on average 7+ years. There has been strong external validation of the market leading customer service provided by the Marshall Leasing CSA team. In 2023, Marshall Leasing achieved a Net Promoter Score of +71 with 90% of respondents confirming they were either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the service they are receiving from Marshall Leasing. “Just keep doing what you’re doing… my experience with Marshall Leasing has been great. They have always provided an excellent service to myself and to the drivers. I’m always informed with movements of the vehicles and will continue to use Marshall Leasing in the future and I am happy to recommend the service to others 100%” “Pauline and Lindsay are always helpful, quick to respond to every query and more importantly accurate. In fact, I tell other suppliers I love dealing with Marshall Leasing because I don't just feel like a number to them."

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Innovation Professional Services - Nomination 1

Amey have a long-standing relationship with Innovation Professional Services but over the past year, as we have worked closely together on multiple projects, their customer service levels have really shone through as an outstanding element of the solutions they provide.

As more of our drivers have/are transitioning to EV’s we were receiving feedback that our policy of paying business mileage expenses based on the AER rate was detrimental to some drivers as the AER rate was not sufficient, especially where public charging had taken place.

Working with Innovation, a new policy was devised to enable us to pay business mileage expenses at the actual cost incurred. During the creation of this new policy Innovation were very meticulous in explaining how the new process would work to ensure all stakeholders were comfortable before it was launched to our employees. The time taken to communicate and answer any queries gave us great belief in Innovation’s ability to be able to successfully implement the change and to be able to communicate the change and benefit to our employees.

Innovation were able to provide a detailed FAQ pack which we could distribute to our employees based on the previous experience of similar changes for other clients. The FAQ pack was very well received by our employees but also gave them the opportunity to contact Innovation directly, via Amey’s designated email helpline, if they had any further queries.

Following the implementation of the new policy, feedback from employees has been positive with several mentions of how user-friendly Innovation’s mileage capture system (Traxmiles) is when submitting charging costs each month.

To provide clarity for employees, Innovation also uploads an individual statement to every user’s Traxmiles account each month which explains their monthly calculation and show the figures that they will see on their next payslip. This addition has substantially reduced the number of queries that our payroll team receive monthly

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Innovation Professional Services - Nomination 2

As BCA’s fleet manager I have worked with the team at Innovation for over 5 years. Their customer service provided to both myself, my team, our payroll team and our drivers has always been exemplary.

Over the past 12 months, we have needed to contact Innovation regarding several issues which lie outside of the current services that Innovation provides. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Innovation and our key contacts, David Quartermain & Peter Moroz, always make themselves available at short notice if needed to answer any queries and provide valuable advice.

Whenever new or amended tax legislation is announced, Innovation are always our first point of contact to provide expert advice. Such occasions over the past 12 months relate to the mandating payrolling of benefits from April 2026 and changes to, and subsequent HMRC u-turn in relation to the tax treatment of double cab pick-ups.

Innovation have also been really helpful in assisting BCA put together our own RME claim following their successful judgement when representing Willmott Dixon.

Our ongoing services provided by Innovation have been running smoothly since implementation and a large part of this is the customer service provided to our drivers. BCA drivers have a designated email helpline to contact Innovation directly with any queries they may have relating to the solutions provided by Innovation or for assistance on how to use Innovation’s business mileage system – Traxmiles.

All queries are handled by the wider team at Innovation within a 48-hour SLA, but the majority are responded to and resolved within a matter of hours.

Feedback from our drivers has been 100% positive in relation the customer service levels they have received from Innovation, and it’s been noted that Innovation always takes the time to ensure that the query has been resolved and the driver clearly understands the outcome.

Where Innovation’s customer service really operates at outstanding levels is during their busiest time of the year, around the June payroll where queries are amplified. However, Innovation always maintain their 48-hour SLA to provide clarity to our fleet team, payroll team and our drivers

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Holman UK

From the first Holman dealership back in 1924, right the way through to our recent Birmingham expansion, customer excellence has remained our focus. This culture of customer service can be seen in:

  • Delivering £100 million in savings to our customers in 2023.
  • Rewarding our employees through our Partners in Excellence Programme.
  • Providing customers 100% profit – Portfolio Management

Exceptional service starts with the right people; therefore, we invest in:

  • Continuous learning: Extensive in-house training and access to Holman University resources (c.4,500 courses).
  • Wellbeing: Access to mental health champions and trained professionals.
  • Rewards: Employee engagement programme, events, and benefits.

Our "Partners in Excellence Programme" celebrates the top 1% of the 8,500 strong global team, as nominated by their peers, with an all-expenses paid vacation where they are celebrated with all the global winners (and their partners) in the Caribbean, as a way of thanking them for raising the bar and exceeding the customers' expectations.

But, in order to build true partnerships with our customers, our fleet solutions must be designed with transparency at the core. Allowing them to have clear visibility into every aspect of their investment and obtaining the greatest return. Through our Buy-Drive-Service-Sell model, our customers have this at every step of their journey – resulting in over £100 million in SMR savings for our customers in 2023.

This commitment to each customer meant last year we answered over 260,000 calls, processed 155,000+ documents and completed over 650,000 purchase orders, and with an average answer time of 30 seconds (10 seconds in 2024) – our customers have and will always remain our focus.

Exceptional service isn’t just ‘doing your job’ it’s raising the bar, going above, and ensuring our customer is looked after, some examples of how we do this are below:

      1. A broken NOx sensor on a crucial vehicle threatened a major customer's event. Facing a long lead time for this vital part, our team searched across UK suppliers, locating an alternative part. Within hours they had the part sourced, shipped and delivered. The vehicle was repaired and delivered to the event on time. Proactive solutions by our team have saved this customer an estimated 1,052 VOR days in 2023. Additionally, these solutions are rolled out to our other customers so they can benefit from shared experiences.
      2. Our funeral services customer faced a lengthy 4-week wait for a fuel filter part from Australia. Their supplier had already tried 4-5 fuel filters without luck. Recognising the disruption, our operations team took the initiative and leveraged our network to find compatible parts within the UK. Finding a match, this saved a month-long wait and resolved the stock issue providing our customer with a reliable long-term solution.

For 100 years, we have been focussed on Driving What's Right and for Holman, that goes beyond business transactions. It’s about creating rewarding careers for our employees and delivering for our customers.

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sopp+sopp is a fleet accident management specialist with solutions and services designed to minimise the cost and inconvenience of road incidents.

The business has experienced a transformative year, marked by significant advancements in customer satisfaction. Through a strategic blend of investment, technology development, and proactively responding to customer priorities, the team has delivered impressive results in efficiency, speed and service.

This year, K2K times have surpassed industry averages, returning vehicles to operation an impressive three days faster than average for LCVs and cars. This achievement is testament to a substantial investment in high-quality, owned repair capacity, ensuring swift repairs and reduced vehicle off-road time for sopp+sopp’s fleet customers.

The business’ continued pursuit of customer excellence has also yielded tangible results, with customer satisfaction scores up by a notable 10% year-on-year. This improvement is thanks to a proactive approach to technology enhancement and operational refinement. The business has leveraged customer feedback to fine-tune its in-house claims management system, streamlining workflows and enhancing communication. sopp+sopp has also introduced a full claims handling model within its dedicated operations team - experienced claims handlers manage assigned claims end-to-end, ensuring full accountability for claim outcomes.

This year, the business has introduced a range of product enhancements aimed at addressing the evolving needs of its clients:

  • Improved Data Capture: Enabling clients to make informed decisions with confidence, driving operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Reduced Vehicle Downtime and Repair Costs: Innovative strategies to minimise vehicle downtime and repair costs, empowering clients to maximize fleet performance.
  • Support for Transition to AFVs: Recognising the industry's shift towards Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), sopp+sopp has developed tailored solutions to facilitate a smooth transition, aligning with fleet sustainability objectives.
  • In line with this, the business has unveiled key initiatives to support its fleet partners:

    ACTIVATE INITIATE: An Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) web app that empowers drivers to submit accurate incident reports swiftly from the scene of the incident. This reduces time to report an incident and facilitates rapid repair deployment and cost control.

    FNOL STUDIO: This modern FNOL form-builder speeds up the FNOL process by automatically filtering questions based on previous responses – reducing the time it take to complete a telephone FNOL by an average four minutes. The tool also provides rich data insights, identifying training opportunities. Plus, forms can be easily and quickly adapted to capture additional information as changes can be made without IT development.

    MINOR DAMAGE DETECTION: Through a strategic partnership with Wondle, sopp+sopp has launched an AI-powered inspection service, enabling proactive identification of unreported damage and informed repair decisions. It takes three minutes to complete a vehicle inspection and get an instant condition report – in a recent mid-term inspection of 90 vehicles, Wondle identified unreported damage on more than 50 vehicles.

    EV Insights: In collaboration with GeckoRisk, the business offers AFV data dashboards that provide valuable insights to support fleet transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs), ensuring informed decision-making and long-term sustainability.

    These initiatives exemplify sopp+sopp’s unwavering commitment to driving excellence and delivering unparalleled value to its clients.

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Fleetcheck - Nomination 1

4 years ago I was appointed transport manager for the Business, being new transport manager I was keen to prove to our board that I had what it took to steer the business in the right direction and push for greater compliance as well as streamline our fleet management. In 2022 we gained Earned Recognition status which we could not have done without the support and help that fleet check provided, the customer service team are always on hand to help no matter what the issue. Further to that a special mention to Barrie Wilson who’s passion and enthusiasm to compliance was instrumental in us choosing fleet check and in our commitment to continue to use the system. I think is by far Fleet Check is the best on the Market regardless to fleet size. Barrie and the team are always on hand to help and support and also give out valuable advice where needed. The system is constantly evolving making the user experience better every time, they have clearly listened to operators to see what is required and I truly believe that their focus is more on making the industry better rather than just profit margins, which is refreshing in the current climate. We are an agricultural business so often don’t get recognised for our standards and compliance, fleet check understand this and I feel pushed out the boat to accommodate us and really help drive our commitment as a business to be at the top of our game

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Fleetcheck - Nomination 2

How do you describe a system and support team that are always there for you when you need information. To explain we have nearly 300 grey fleet vehicles, this translates to 300 driving licences, 300 insurance requirements and of course mot and tax information that we require to monitor to ensure when colleagues are on the road we know they are totally legal and we have all the information needed at the touch of a button. In a perfect world it would be advantageous if all licence expired on the same day likewise with all necessary documentation such as insurance, but this is not the case. The fleet check system supports our operation by timely reminders to do with all aspects of driving, information we hold is now always up to date, which to any Company is a requirement which is an absolute necessity. Very supportive team and a pleasure to deal with.

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Fleetcheck - Nomination 3

Since joining Fleetcheck around 8 years ago, I can honestly say that their customer service is exemplary. There have been a number of occasions when I have needed assistance with the Fleetcheck platform, and on each of these occasions when I have called their representatives, they have been nothing short of being extremely polite and very professional. The one thing that stands out for me is that, you would think that with a different assistant, you may have someone who maybe less helpful, however, each and every one of the Fleetcheck staff do everything in their power to assist.

Along with being well mannered, polite, and professional, each and every issue that I have come up against has been resolved with one phonecall.

The Fleetcheck team are exceptional, hence why I am still with them today.

Well done Fleetcheck !!

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Fleet Service GB

Fleet Service GB (FSGB) plays a crucial role in maintaining our vehicles, through their consistent, innovative, and adaptive solution.

Looking after 520 vehicles and 1600 Trust drivers is no small task, FSGB manage this to an exceptional standard.

FSGB have been disrupters in the Fleet industry by supplying what can be described as a bespoke fleet solution for business, whether that be from simple driving license check to the full suite of solutions, including, Maintenance Management, Crash Management, Grey Fleet Management, Vehicle rental, Fleet Administration to Driver In Vehicle training

Working with their Garage partnership, they supply us with unrivalled vehicle uptime and service second to none!

Their industry leading Achieve Driver Continuous Driver learning programme puts their competitors in the shade.

The programme, encourages, supports, and allows our drivers to improve their driving skills and knowledge.

This easy to roll out, app-based programme works seamlessly with our drivers and keeps aligned with the Trust values.

We have seen significant improvements in our overall driver influenced costs and a significant reduction in SMR and fuel spends by utilising 1 to 1 driver training, this continued cost management is also allowing us to seek a wider market for a vehicle insurance, a1st for the Trust

By fostering open and transparent communication FSGB are able to offer support in areas where their competitors have a closed mind approach, for example they listen to customer feedback and act upon, it, making a bespoke change for you and then offering the changes to other clients who are in similar situations, then if applicable, adopting the change as a benefit to all clients

FSGB build strong and long-term relationships with their clients by investing in mutually beneficial partnerships, they work collaboratively to find solutions. Strong relationships are a key with FSGB, they know what we need and then deliver it to us

FSGB proactively manage their supplier performance and ensure compliance with quality, delivery, and sustainability standards. By regularly monitoring and evaluating supplier performance, FSGB identify potential issues or deviations from agreed-upon standards. This allows their Network to take corrective actions promptly, minimising the risk of disruptions to us caused by underperforming garages.

Having attended supplier meetings with other FSGB clients its clear to see they want to offer us all a solution that fits our business, not get us to fit in with their solution!

In conclusion, Fleet Service GB plays a vital role in enhancing our vehicle and driver up time and are innovators within the Fleet Management Industry, and for this they should be recognised by their peers and Fleet World for delivering class leading standards in performance and customer service!

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