New Course Aimed at Helping Fleet Managers Make Their Voices Heard Launched by AFP

Date: 13th December 2023

A new course designed to help fleet professionals make their voices heard in a corporate environment is being launched by the Association of Fleet Professionals’ (AFP) for 2024.

Called “Accelerate – Your Voice in Fleet,” it has been designed by the AFP’s Fleet Academy to help those working in the industry make their knowledge, ideas and experience heard, whether giving a speech at a major formal occasion or during a routine internal meeting.

Ronnie Gillman, training manager at the AFP, said: “Last year, we launched this course for women working in fleet, which has proven very popular, and were asked to provide a similar course open to everyone working in the fleet industry.

“Many people find public speaking of any kind daunting, even in front of just a handful of colleagues. Fear of public speaking can potentially limit the effectiveness of highly competent people in their roles and this is an area we are keen to address through this course.

“The content covers areas such as how to gain confidence, limit your fears, convey messages clearly and easily, and create a repeatable formula that enables you to bring your own style and target your content for the audience. It’s all about creating a practical approach to something that affects many fleet professionals.”

The first course will take place in Tamworth on 21st-22nd May 2024, priced at £650 for AFP members and £750 for non-members. More details are available at

Ronnie said: “Stepping outside of your comfort zone is never easy but we create a supportive environment where delegates can learn to become more confident public speakers, developing a toolkit that can be learnt, honed and repeated.”