Engineius is a technology enabled service for all vehicle movement requirements, whether driven, plated or transported. Operating across the entire UK with a vision to lead the way in on-demand vehicle movement by providing award-winning technology, exceptional service and commitment to a sustainable future. 

Our market-leading service takes the headache out of vehicle movement letting organisations focus on their core business by providing an end-to-end service that takes care of everything from order to invoice.  

 Customers can book, track and manage vehicle movements online at Engineius’ one-stop-shop, pricing takes just 30 seconds, and once the order is placed, customers remain in control whilst Engineius takes care of all the movement requirements.  

Drivers utilise the Engineius mobile app to provide real-time data, tracking and images including vehicle photographs at pick up and drop off providing a full audit trail of the movement with text alerts giving customers full visibility. With a network of over 600 fully trained, tiered, scored and tagged drivers, customers can be confident that Engineius will deliver the level of service expected. 

 Engineius’ on-demand service allows customers to book jobs directly onto the Engineius portal with no minimum usage, licence fee or heavy investment in technology. Regardless of the fleet size, all customers can benefit from our award-winning technology.    

Cost & Control  

Historically the process of getting a vehicle moved has been admin-heavy for the fleet customer, with Engineius, customers can enjoy instant access to key data and enhanced reporting. By reducing administrative tasks typically associated with managing vehicle movements in-house, Engineius provides a cost-saving solution, and their transparent digital portal keeps you in control.  

Engineius’ believe customers should pay for what they use, that’s why Engineius ranged pricing reflect the “true cost” of each movement. 


Engineius boasts the greenest credentials within the vehicle logistics sector with an unequalled approach to reducing the industry’s environmental impact. No chaser vehicles are used, EVs are driven and not transported, and Engineius’ intelligent portal combines suitable jobs geographically.  

 Since 2021, Engineius has carbon offset their business by paying towards environmental projects such as afforestation and alternative fuels through climate neutral experts, Climate Partner.   

 The average fleet vehicle moves 7 times per year, so emissions from vehicle movements should not be overlooked. Small wins matter in the road to net zero and each year Engineius saves fleets in excess of a million tonnes of CO2 with its greener approach.  

Engineius continually works in conjunction with customers, adapting as needs change, and providing each fleet the best possible service. To find out more and talk with Engineius about your vehicle movement needs call us on 0121 828 5555, email [email protected] or book a free portal demo on  

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