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Over 60,000 businesses across the world use Webfleet data-driven insights to improve fleet efficiency, support drivers, boost safety, stay compliant and work more sustainably.

Webfleet supports fleets through every step of their electrification journey – from planning the switch and deploying EVs, to monitoring their usage, managing charging, reducing running costs and optimising driving behaviour.

The goal – To help businesses get the full value when they go electric.

As part of Bridgestone, Webfleet is dedicated to making electric mobility more efficient, attractive and accessible to drivers and fleets around the globe.

Alongside innovative mobility solutions, Bridgestone is engineering every tyre to be EV-ready enabled by the tyre technology platform ENLITEN, while partnering with leading EV manufacturers and developing an EV-ready retail and service network.

For more information, visit: or for more information on Bridgestone in the EMIA region, visit

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